Student Travel Grants

Congratulations to the following students, who were selected to receive the 2018 MeMeA Student Travel Grant! Be sure to check the conference program to see when these students will be presenting their paper.
  1. Mohamed Abdelazez, "Detection of Abnormal Heartbeats in Compressed Electrocardiograms"
  2. Peiran Chen, "Dynamic velocity vector and relative pressure estimation in the left ventricle with dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound of low frame rates"
  3. Alessandra Galli, "Robust ECG Denoising for eHealth Applications"
  4. Andres Gómez-Rodellar, "Estimating Facial Neuromotor Activity from sEMG and Accelerometry for Speech Articulation"
  5. Alberto López Martínez, "A Real-Time Algorithm to Detect Falls in the Elderly"
  6. Soumyajyoti Maji, "Effect of Electrode Impedance on the Transient Response of ECG Recording Amplifiers"
  7. Paolo Marchionni, "Computerized assessment of shunt and Ventilation-Perfusion mismatch in oxygen dependent infants"
  8. Mahboubeh Parastarfeizabadi, "An Adaptive LFP Sensor"
  9. Mohamed Salama, "An Improved Approach for Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in Digital Mammography"
  10. Jessica D'Abbraccio, "Neuromorphic haptic glove and platform with gestural control for tactile sensory feedback in medical telepresence applications"



MeMeA 2018 is pleased to offer student travel grants 

Award recipients must meet the following criteria:

i. The paper must be marked as a student paper in EDAS
ii. The student must be the first author
iii. The student must be registered & attend the Conference
iv. The paper must be of high-quality content and be favorably reviewed by the MeMeA 2018 Technical Program Chairs

Please note that grant priority is given to IMS student members. If you are a student and you are not an IMS member yet, please go here and join as a student member.

Six awards will be granted, with amount granted varying depending on the location a student will be traveling from.


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