MeMeA 2018 Award Winners

Congratulations to the following authors, who were selected by the Technical Program Committee to receive awards at the 2018 MeMeA Symposium:


Best Student Paper Award

Soumyajyoti Maji (and Martin Burke), Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
for the paper entitled
"Effect of Electrode Impedance on the Transient Response of ECG Recording Amplifiers"

Best Women in Engineering Paper Award

Yasmina Souley Dosso (and Amente Bekele, James R Green), Carleton University, Canada
for the paper entitled
"Eulerian Magnification of Multi-Modal RGB-D Video for Heart Rate Estimation"

Best Poster Award

Marcin Kolodziej, Andrzej Majkowski, Rak Remigiusz and Paweł Tarnowski (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland); Andrzej Rysz (Medical University of Warsaw, Poland)
for the paper entitled
"Implementation of Lagged Phase Space for Spike Detection"

Best Paper Award

Lin Xu, Chiara Rabotti ,Yi Zhang, Pieter Harpe, Massimo Mischi (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands); Meftah and Sotir Ouzounov (Philips Research, The Netherlands)
for the paper entitled
"Adaptive motion-artifact reduction in capacitive ECG measurements by using the power-line interference"


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